How to Use Nodes: Feedback Delay Node: The Delta Module
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  • At last a description of when things happens and how the feedbackDelay works and what it does (operating on a "chunk"). This clears a lot of the confusion I had on why some things work and do not. The greatest value of this node besides the face value is that it is the first step by step explanation of order of execution.

    This is of tremendous value that this patch shows the incorrect and correct implementations.

    Is there a typo at chunk 5 in the correct version? The FeedbackDelay goes Low, and the sample and hold does NOT register the new signal. In the notes it says it does. Doesn't make any difference since the old and new signals are the same. just in case anyone gets puzzled by that.

  • Thanks @fferreres! And thanks for pointing out the typo - I was copy and pasting a lot between the steps, that just got by me. Good eye! Uploaded a fixed version.
  • Ok. But the right and wrong version PLUS the entire explanation...I couldn't have grasped why the first one worked without all the text. Commendable and thanks to you!!!