How to Use Nodes: The Time Node: DAW Sync Utility
  • Timer DAW Sync Tutorial.audulus
    DAW Sync Utility Module.png
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  • Super useful, thanks for the example!
  • please could you do a video of this working as I'm still lost as how to set this up

    Many Thanks Alex
  • @alyx99 basically it creates a 0-1 ramp wave in sync with the tempo of your DAW and then gives you multiplications of frequency so you can trigger 16th and 8th notes etc.
  • @alyx99 - in a lot of cases it's actually a lot easier to just lock in with a MIDI clock pulse. Do you just want to sync Audulus and your DAW with a pulse?
  • Wasn't there a patch on the first post in this thread, or was that my imagination? I tried recreating this in Ableton and didn't have much luck.
  • @robertsyrett - there is - it's still there :)

    If you're on the forum on iOS, you need to click "visit full site" at the bottom to see patches.
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