Resonant Drum Tutorial
  • Res Drum Tutorial.audulus
    Res Drum Tutorial.png
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    Res Drum Tutorial Inside Detail 1.png
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    Res Drum Tutorial Inside Detail 2.png
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    Res Drum Tutorial Inside.png
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    Resonant Drum Module Example.audulus
  • this is brilliant. Thank you so much.

    The sound goes into the complex oscillator/LPG territory which I like for rhythmic stuff.
  • @phil999 - thank you! You're going to love the new module I'm cooking up right now - it's a companion piece to this one. Almost done.
  • Here are my resonators for similar use of modeling physical resonance
    2732 x 2048 - 398K
  • @MacroMachines ... I wonder how these sound too lol. 168% CPU on iPhone 6S. Too slick for the little phone I guess!
  • Here is the version without my z-1 stuff which is likely killing your CPU (new beta has optimized z-1 and should be coming out very soon)
  • Lovely sounds!!! Can sound very organic! Half the stuff (ie. patch) uninteligible to me. Love the abs(cos) + center/spread way of changing the timbres. This one has a low contnous sine somewhere that I don't know where's coming from.

    Bimini, I'd pay you in apples or chocolates to document some of macromachines patches!!! (but even them, clearly some of this stuff requires more knoledge about physical percusion modelling).

    Btw, I loved the Morph module with 3 signals in the formant patch. How can something be so cool? Not sure if it was already somewhere but at sight I just loved it.
  • Heh, well I wouldn't want to ask Bimini for this since he does tons of documenting his own stuff and making sweet patches, I'll just give you some notes that might help, incidentally I don't even understand the core of these specific resonators since they are biquad based, biquad coefficient calculations are way over my head, I just used things I find elsewhere and modify them a bit.
  • @fferreres - I have a lot of simple stuff to work through first, and I honestly need to better understand MM's patches myself before commenting on them, but hopefully I'll catch up to my own creations and have time to comment on others'. That said, MM will definitely explain how the stuff works if you have a specific question.
  • I actually tried going through for notes and in the biquad version I don't actually know enough about how biquad calculations work to make notes on that part. If you have any specific questions I can try to answer them to the best of my ability.