– M O T O R –
  • Hi there,

    here is my first sub-patch i’m working on. A 16 Step Sequencer called – M O T O R –

    It's not finished yet but allready usefull for percussions.

    – M O T O R –
    – Burst (1/32, 1/64, …), Slide/Tie function per step
    – Freeze function per step with input
    – Internal BPM clock
    – Sync On/Off
    – Different Trigger speeds per step
    – Reset Trigger and input
    – Reverse function with input

    Sync with another – M O T O R –

    I try to integrate:
    – Every usefull shortcut i can find
    – Toggle for random steps
    – Different value outputs (Note, HZ, …) or maybe a converter sub-patch
    – A better way for up and down
    – Adjustable gate length per step

    Hope you like it and produce some crazy stuff with it.

  • Wow, I haven't even hooked anything up to it yet and it looks like its got some really nice features! Good work! I might see if I can tackle some of your to do list.
  • That’s awesome, nice video! And thank you, i appreciate any help on the project.
    I can see some nice layout and function improvements in the video :)

    Here is a new Version. Sync function works much better with another M O T O R. I found some difficulties with the clock after 160 BPM, thats why its limited to 145 BPM for now.
  • Here another update. Clock works fine till 200 BPM. Improved Burst modes. Added Random Mode.
  • Hi there, I am having some trouble with the reverse mode and I was hoping that maybe somebody out there could help me. The issue is, while counting up, say I push reverse at step 12… but rather then going down from step 11, it starts reversing at step 5 instead. I used the count up and count down from the Library and I’m thinking that a different calculation might help to set things right. It`s causing me some grief, so if anybody has a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Also if anybody has any advice regarding the range settings, that would help too. I am looking to gain a bit more flexibility with the range settings. For example, at the moment the range always begins from 1. I would like to be able to adjust this, so that it starts at mid-range, say from 5-13 rather than 1-13.

  • I'll look into this today, but my solution to this was to use LFOs and derive step movements from them - that way you don't need extra "circuitry" to do forwards/backwards/etc. like you do with clock-based sequencers. The basic principles of that are outlined in this video:
  • @_mike_ Here's what I came up with for the reverse problem.
    It's a counter that counts up or down according to a switch. It doesn't jump values when you change direction.
    The range problem should be pretty easy. It's a combination of the number of steps plus an offset.

    Up-Down Counter.audulus
  • @_mike_ Here's a deluxe version with a reset and a uni/bi directional option.
    Up-Down Counter.audulus
  • That was really quick!

    @JDRaoul Thanks! That is exactly what i was looking for, it works perfect!
    About this, «It's a combination of the number of steps plus an offset», could you elaborate on that for me a little more? I`m not understanding you exactly.

    @bimini Thanks for your interesting solutions, I hadn`t really considered before. I can see how this might work… but I think I would need to rethink my entire process.
  • @_mike_ You offset the start point by adding the number of steps you want to shift to the output of the counter before it gets to the mux. Does that make any sense?