Get paid for Audulus patches!
  • If you upload your Audulus patches to, you can also enter your Paypal email for people to throw you a few bucks if they like your patches! You can't sell your patches, but hopefully if more people get over on that site, a little money will start trickling in for you patch builders. - you can see the "donate" link under my bio there. Not a hint or anything, lol, just showing y'all what I'm talking about.

    Also there are a bunch of patches I've uploaded there that I haven't uploaded here yet - check 'em out!
  • I think that it is a nice idea!
    I never donated in internet before, but i will start giving you a symbolic gify because of your constant work not only doing patchs but also answering as fast and complete as you can.
    Personally, i have got some patchs and ideas that i don't finished because a find myself losing more time doing stetical and funcionallity for other users than for my purposes, so this gives me the motivation for finishing and uploading them.
  • I like it