Yamaha DX7 algorithms?
  • Howdy all ...

    Before I re-invent yet another wheel - has anyone done the "ye olde compleat" DX7 algorithms in Audulus? could be fun!! :p
    ( and would probably chew up a bunch of CPU I'm guessing )


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  • I'm using Audulus almost exclusively for FM.

    FM (in it's purest form) is really performant.
    I've used up to 8 operators and haven't seen any CPU issues.
  • good to know - thanks!
  • oh, detail - mobile or desktop ..?
  • @ToyDivision I'd love to see your implementations.
  • Yeah, how does this stuff work?! Some do a patch :)
  • I'll put together a tutorial/sample over the weekend if people are interested.

    FM seems a little hard to get your head around at first, but is really very simple once you do. It's also awesome for drum synthesis.
  • @ToyDivision, yes please!

    I'm fairly good with FM (Yamaha) and PD (Casio) - but "ignorant, like a child!" ( to quote Neytiri! :p ) in Audulus still - let me request you start with the algorithm used in the classic "Torim Pluck", please?
    best regards ...

  • I think it's #16 - but I got my DX7 back from the shop Friday and loaded editor soft onto the iPad today - so I'll soon know for certain! ;-)


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  • Im actually loving combining FM, PM and using the z-1 to make my own raw accumulator oscillator. It sounds bananas! Like Analog! tanh(x) expression is the secret sauce btw. soft clips any signal so you end up with warm tube distortion and analog style artifacts rather then digital.

    Check this patch out if your CPU can handle it.. I can't even run ito n my laptop, only my iPad Pro.

    if your CPU isn't up for the task try deleting 1 or 2 of the fm operators at the top. Those are using the z-1 and have 3 oscillators each, a default built in osc, a phasor based oscillator and a z-1 accumulator oscillator, I did this so I could compare them but they ended up being such different interesting flavors combined that I kept them all in there.
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  • @MacroMachines the patch will run on an iPad Air 2 too. You can dial up a wide variety of sounds and resonant frequency points.
  • Outstanding, I look forward to checking it out !!