typing in node input changes
  • When I type in a constant value for node inputs (e.g. a or b on the Add node, pitch or sync on the Osc node, many others) I notice that I cannot change it after I have entered a value. If I want to play with the input values by typing in actual numbers, I can't change the existing number simply by double-clicking on the input terminal like I could when I first created the node. I really think this should be added as a feature.
  • Nor can I right-click (or option-click) to bring up the "Clear Default" bubble like I could when I first created the node. If I right-click all I get is the "Delete Node" option.
  • There's a minor bug there. Try clicking where the original circle was before it was expanded into the default value pill. Does that work? Sorry about that!
  • Yes sir, that works to bring up the original bubbles - thanks!
  • Is this possible on IPad? I've tried everything I can think of...
  • Should be :-). Hold the context menu button and tap on the input. Does that work?
  • Got it, thanks!